CloudJumper / CloudJumper HD

Hibble is a magical being who lives in the sky! Help him protect his home from the toxic invading smogbugs!

Smogbugs love nothing better than to make white fluffy clouds dirty and grey. Stop smogbugs from taking over Hibble's home. Keep the clouds clean to win! Watchout for SMOGZILLA, the smogbug boss!! Use exciting powerups to help destroy the smogbugs and defeat Smogzilla!

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40 Days - Lent Observance Tracker

40 Days allows mobile Christians to celebrate Lent on the go! Keep track of what you are giving up for Lent. If you do give into temptation this app will track that too and help you to make up for it after Easter. Don't know what to give up this year? 40 Days provides many great suggestions.

Check out 40 Days - Celebrate Easter by Observing Lent!

iSamadhi - Meditation Timer and Journal

You Can Attain Enlightenment ... and iSamadhi can help!
iSamadhi is an easy to use Meditation Timer and Journal! Keep a journal of your meditations! You can keep track and review how Meditation is changing your life. Make note of your highest and brightest meditations and experiences. Review them later for inspiration.

Start Meditating Now!